We take five with freestyle fashion photographer Kate Bellm. SHE’S A BREATH OF FRESH AIR.

TJ: Why photography?

KB: Photography has been my passion since I can remember …I love creating images and making an idea that comes to your head a reality.

TJ: Your images have this magnificent raw and spirited feeling to them, nothing contrived, like each frame is a magic moment in time that you just happened to be standing before, camera at the ready. Is this the case, or how do you manage to portray this feeling so consistently through your work?

KB: Just by constantly exploring and searching for those special places with the right light, and timing is everything. Also, surrounding myself with creative people really helps push my ideas, make them a reality – people who go beyond their comfort levels to make it happen for you.

TJ: How do you hope people feel when they experience your imagery?

KB: Inspired !

TJ: Describe your ultimate subject – the person/place or energy you most love to shoot and why.

KB: Any crew of friends in nature, feeling free and unseen, but I also love nothing more than a cheesy colourful motel room … I’m torn between kitsch interior design and unbelievably beautiful scenes of nature. These opposite worlds attract me equally.

TJ: Is there a particular image from this collection you are most proud of/drawn to, or that brings you great memories?

KB: The image of my husband skating with the old car in Baja …so much power and freedom in that one.

TJ: Where do you look for inspiration?

KB: Nature, my friends and making mistakes using analogue photography.

TJ: You are on a constant adventure, travelling the globe with your beloved, how does this divine nomadic lifestyle filtrate your work? Can you imagine living any other way?

KB: I have finally built a home in the mountains in Deia on the island of Mallorca and have had a baby, so I’m finally resting a little after all these years of being on the road without a home. Travelling will always be in my blood so it’s never long until my next adventure.

TJ: Any advice for aspiring fashion photographers?

KB: Shoot what you love and it will keep you inspired and travelling to new places … also, find a camera that works for you and master it.

TJ: Where to next?

KB: Mexico to surf and skate for the winter.