Last week, FUDGE global icons Creative Director, John Vial and Head of Technical Training, Tracy Hayes came to town and provided us with a feast for the senses. Assisted by renowned celebrity and editorial Stylist, Callam Warrington, Fudge educators and the Australian 2014 F.A.M.E Team, the audience was presented with a showcase of the best of colour, cutting and styling. From punchy brights to pretty pastels, Tracey Hayes’ ‘colour wheels’ were inspired by the decade coined The Second Summer Of Love, where Acid House Rave and 90’s British Pop reigned supreme and the era of ‘Cool Britannia’ was born. With hero shades and London favourites ‘Turquoise Blue’ and ‘Yellow Fever’, Hayes brought technique and trend together in a myriad of aspirational and achievable colour combinations for guests to take back to the salon.

With the colour set, Vial and Warrington did what they do best: they cut, styled, teased and tonged. Featuring throwbacks to 90s McQueen and London grunge, as well as of-the-minute runway trends, the dynamic duo inspired the audience with a modern take on classic, technical skills. Vial also presented the latest in the Professional Big Hair range with the September 2014 launch, Raise The Roots. Additional key product call outs included Membrane Gas, Skyscraper, Think Big Texture Spray, Dry Shampoo and Elevate Styling Powder as integral tools for any stylist’s kit. On display were more looks from the London Mens Collections, of which FUDGE is a major sponsor. The looks featured ‘Techno-Jesus’, ‘Clueless-like Mini Buns’, ‘Wet Look Blondes’ and ‘Glitter-surf-waves’ alongside pieces from leading London designers such as Katie Eary.

Following Vial and Warrington, the 2014 Australian F.A.M.E. Team took to the stage to regale the audience with stories of their experiences on the team, and the best that’s yet to come. Again, the young achievers showcased the best in cut, colour and style, before encouraging guests to throw their hat in the ring for 2015 selections, with entries opening next month.

While the shows may be over, and the global talent en route back to London, the new wave of FUDGE direction is well and truly here to stay.