Introducing Ol’Bastards, a new range of styling and care products set to revolutionise the men’s hair and grooming spheres.

QT Sydney’s uber-luxe Barber Shop was the destination dejour on Wednesday 1st November, as an exclusive troupe of industry insiders, barbers, and dapper creatives (no less) gathered to celebrate the official launch of Ol’ Bastards; a new range of styling and care products set to revolutionise the men’s hair and grooming spheres.

Brainchild of barber brothers Matt and Danny Semrany, the Australian made and manufactured grooming line takes a grittily honest approach to men’s styling and maintenance; with each product more than delivering on it’s sincere premise. Guests sipped on signature Old Fashions and Patron Espresso martinis, before being treated by stylists Dustin and Caner to bespoke consults and touch ups.

Special guests included Session Stylist Richard Kavanagh, Amaury Treguer (Morning Bondi), Arnott Olssen (Rogue Homme), Luke Sales (Romance was Born), Jimmy Niggles (Beard Season), Hass Murad (Sydney Men’s Style), Shaun Burley, Sam Wines, and a who’s who of Stylists, Photographers and Creatives.

Check out our interview with the talented duo, ahead of the brand’s anticipated launch:

Tell us more about how Ol’Bastards went from concept to launch?

M+D: Well, to begin with, we both started our careers as hairdressers, focusing over 60% of our business on male clients. It had always bothered us that we could never find a complete range; we’d always use a clay from one company and a pomade from another company, and then a volume dust from another totally different company. So, we decided it was time we teamed up with the best in the business to create a range that’s refined, simple and does exactly what it promises to do.

How did the name Ol’Bastards come about?

M+D: We wanted a name that represented a certain type of man, a man who has the confidence of an Ol’Bastard and isn’t afraid to be who he wants to be. We feel that so many people are just following the latest trends, even if it doesn’t look good on them. We believe that when you look the part, you feel the part and when you feel the part, the world’s your oyster.

What makes Ol’Bastards superior to other men’s hair care ranges?

M+D: First and foremost, we live and breathe this industry. We get such a rush from creating products and manufacturing them right here in Australia. There is not one area within this range in which quality has been compromised. Every single product in our range is important, and in the development process we treated each one with respect, making sure it did exactly what the packaging says it does.

What will the Ol’Bastards range consist of?

M+D: In taking the range to market, we have our core products which include a water based Strong Hold Pomade – which has incredible hold and super malleability- along with a Matte Clay – which also has strong hold, and a really dry appearance to it. Next is our Volume Dust, which we created to be super fine, so it’s easy to apply whilst running your fingers through your hair, strong enough to hold your hair and is also scented with our signature fragrance; this creates unparalleled hold with the illusion of no product. Last but not least, we have our 2 Shampoos and 2 Conditioners which are separated between Volume and Smoothing. The Volume range is a lightweight, sulfate free range, that contains menthol for that fresh feel. It’s perfect for men who want to achieve volume in their hair when styling. The Smoothing range is designed for men who nd it hard to get any control out of their hair. It’s also sulfate free, and has a deeper fragrance that every man will love.

Where is Ol’Bastards manufactured?

M+D: Ol’Bastards is manufactured right here in Australia, and we’re proud of it too. The quality we have in Australia is second to none, and we just couldn’t compromise that, as our brand is built solely on a premium standard.

How will Ol’Bastards stamp its mark in the industry?

M+D: We’re looking to change the way men think about their hair, by giving them the confidence in our products to try new things, and maintain that look at the highest quality. Our brand philosophy is incredibly important to us, as it gives people insight into how we view our brand, and how we believe we can add to the attitude of a man – simply by making him look good.

What is your vision for the hair industry in the next 12 months?

M+D: Our prediction for the next 12 months, is that hairdressers will concentrate on adapting to barbering techniques (such as fading and the use of the cutthroat razor) and barbers will adapt to hairdressing techniques (such as point cutting and blow drying). With these changes, we felt
it was necessary to produce a range that could t in quality hair salons and barber shops. This range consists of products that would typically be used in barbershops, but we felt it was necessary to incorporate products that hairdressers use in the salon on a daily basis to style hair.

How can salons and barbershops become stockists of Ol’Bastards?

M+D: We are contactable by email at:

Photos by Jack Bennett