beauty is abundant; not in a bottle

Since their whirlwind market ascent, evo have been on a mission to ‘save ordinary humans from themselves’, and with the release of their newest campaign, the brand is more than equipped to continue the shakeup.

Enter ‘don’t buy it – beauty is abundant, not in a bottle’; a bold, honest, and millennially relevant campaign from the trailblazers at evo.

With the brand’s ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ ethos at the core of it’s tenant, evo’s audacious new campaign not only looks the part – it also sparks a pivotal provocation.

The premise? To start a dialogue; encouraging consumers the globe over to question impossible societal pressures and stereotypes, unrealistic standards of beauty and the all too prevalent photoshop dream.

A response to the ‘game, insta-fame’ and an over saturated beauty market, ‘don’t buy it’ encourages consumers to do just that: don’t buy the hype, promises or filters; embrace the real, the honest, the authentic.

“The evo mission has always been to challenge the status quo and change the hairdressing industry,” says founder Garth Gauvin. “We are empowering hairdressers to make informed choices – educating them to uncover truths, and asking them to think for themselves”.

“For evo, beauty is abundant – it’s not something sold in a bottle. We’re not selling a promise of beauty, or a certain feeling,” continued Meghann Reeves, head of brand marketing for evo hair.

“We don’t want to define beauty because it’s something different for everyone. We want to embrace these differences and get people to re-think and challenge their pre-conceived notions of beauty”.

The first step? Alerting consumers to the myriad fallacies and false ideals that inform our ‘filtered’ world… from marketing hype and unobtainable ideas of perfection to restrictive societal expectations and subliminally fostered consumerism.

In the brand’s own words: ‘Consumers are increasingly conditioned to believe that buying brands and products (buy, buy, buy) will provide the answer and give you a perfect life. The reality is, perfection can’t be purchased… because perfection isn’t real’. Amen.

Rather than buy into unobtainable ideas of perfection, evo is ‘championing the reality that ‘beauty is abundant, not in a bottle’, saying ‘bye’ to ‘buy buy’ or the over purchasing of ‘gimmick’ enhancers; a notion reflected through the campaign’s soon-to-be-trending hashtag: #byebuybuy.

“We’ve never sold hype or a stereotype’ says Meghann Reeves. “From the beginning we’ve [avoided] the photoshop dream. We believe in shooting with regular people; the campaign shots are not the stereotypical images you would see for a hair brand”.

For a brand who’s hallmarks include integrity, simplicity and authenticity; this new crusade seems a no brainer. No false promises, no myths, no gimmicks. Just thoughtful, sustainably sound products that place quality, usability and realness high above hype.

That’s the evo way.

To celebrate the launch of ‘don’t buy it’, evo’s local contingent hosted members of the trade and beauty media for a unique interactive experience (think: 90’s video boxes, zeitgeisty parephernalia and a token carnival mirror) inside Tatler, Darlinghurst.

Guests were ushered through a series of bespoke installations, branded images and quirky projections before which brand founder Garth Gauvin and Meghann Reeves detailed the brand’s inspired history, product line and campaign inspiration.

Shortly thereafter, guests were gifted with their very own bottle of fabuloso pro (custom blended on the spot) and treated to a personal styling session by Jules Tognini, Motley Crew, Grant Norton or Nicole Kae in an aptly named ‘mane control room’.

Check out the event snaps below:

     Photo Credit: Esteban LaTessa

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