Calling All Apprentices: Ssh! has Something Special for you!

Ssh! Delivers Something Special for Our Industry’s Future!


One Vision. One Community. One Platform. This is Ssh! Australia.

Emiliano Vitale, Benni Tognini and Robert Lobetta are proud to present a show that truly appeals to a wide demographic from the young beginner hairdresser seeking out what’s possible within, and outside of, the boundaries of hair, to the established hairdresser who craves education and constant inspiration.

At the grass roots, Ssh! demonstrates the trio’s collective commitment to the Australian hairdressing industry, by actively investing in it’s future, which means nurturing the superstars of tomorrow!

In 2016, Ssh! is proud to give apprentices an opportunity to experience some of the world’s best creative hair artists on stage and through a 3-day educational event, unrivalled in Australia!

To enhance this, Ssh! has a special promotional offer to encourage the industry’s talented apprentices – and the industry’s future – to evolve and grow.

Together with the Ssh! partners, salons have the opportunity to bring along ALL apprentices on their team with a very special offer!

For EVERY Apprentice ticket sold to you, Ssh! will give one COMPLIMENTARY ticket…a great TWO-FOR-ONE OFFER to expose your entire team, especially your apprentices to an unbelievable experience.

EMILIANO: As an industry we must take responsibility for our own destination, our own education, and our own future – this is what Ssh! is about. Unbiased, pure and untainted in its message and hitting every angle of education over three days.

BENNI: The world constantly changes and if we keep doing the same thing, we keep achieving the same outcomes.

For us to continually have growth, we have to constantly challenge ourselves – to do more, to do better and to be hungry for more! This is what Ssh! stands for.


Dates to remember:

Sunday 13th November – Ssh! 2016

Monday 14th November – Ssh! 2016 Masterclass

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Instagram – @SshAustralia


Save the dates for Sunday 13th, Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th November 2016 – Ssh! Australia is back in all its enchanting glory and maintaining the underground vibe that continues to intrigue so many.

Ssh! fuses passion, unity, education, legends of the industry and raw talent to provide our audience the ultimate in creative inspiration.

Sunday SHOW

Ssh! is a global event, based purely on the idea of bringing the best in the business together through a neutral platform in Creative Collaboration with the single desire of Sharing and Contributing to the industry. Teams from across the globe come together to provide inspirational education on a creative level – a unique, interactive and experiential series of presentations designed to delight and inspire the audience. Each team presents a 15-minute visual journey into their creative world.


Ssh! The MASTERCLASS is a full day event where the audience will witness each participating creative team present a 55-minute presentation providing an in-depth look into the workings and inspirations of their creative process. Attendees get up close and personal with the creative teams in an “UNPLUGGED” seminar designed to share ideas, influences and techniques in a more intimate setting. It provides an intimate environment with Q&A and photographic opportunities with each team.

– TJ