A lot of product companies have just saturated the market with a million different things, so the cleanliness and simplicity of Balmain Hair Couture is going to be really attractive to the Australian market.

The brand responsible for the prestige of Balmain Paris looks to professional hairdressing with the release of Balmain Hair Couture. Unlimited styling is now at your fingertips.

Distributed by Professional Use in Australia and New Zealand, Balmain Hair Couture launched into respective markets at Hair Expo in June (2017) and has since stirred something in results driven salon owners and session artists seeking a fresh-faced point of difference.

“In selecting our professional and retail partners, we look to see if their brand is aligned with that of Balmain Paris Hair Couture. It’s really quite simple. They must believe in Balmain Paris Hair Couture as much as we do.”

“Balmain Paris Hair Couture is a luxury brand and we want it available through beautiful hair salons and spas, select fashion and high-end lifestyle boutiques and the highest of luxury hotels and resorts in Australia and NZ,” begins Emal Hakikat, CEO and Founder, Professional Use.

One Australian artist selected by Professional Use to join the talented team at Balmain Hair Couture Australia is Travis Balcke. Appointed as Creative Director of Professional Use for Balmain Hair Couture Australia and New Zealand, Travis’ resume reads well with a decade of managing Eugene Souleiman’s Paris, London and New York shows.

“Eugene’s glowing reference was enough for me to feel confident that that I had appointed the right person for this role,” said Emal.

Travis Balcke

“Balmain Paris Hair Couture will be a big supporter of the industry here in Australia. Emal, really believes in this industry, anyone privy to the work and investment he made in bringing Eugene here over Hair Expo will know that, and this was all integral to my decision, to work with someone who cares about the industry,” says Travis.

Having recently returned from the ultimate induction at Balmain Hair Couture HQ in Paris, Travis is well and truly hooked on the brand, and perhaps without knowing, has been for a long time coming.

“The Balmain Paris Hair Couture story began with Pierre Balmain’s best friend Dick whom made wigs for Pierre’s shows, that’s the association,” tells Travis, with that infectious enthusiasm.

Dick developed Balmain Paris Hair Couture over 40 years ago – home to his honorary craft of hand made wigs and extensions of the highest standard. Used not only by Balmain and the house’s associated hair stylists but by a plethora of fashion brands,’ hair directors, film and TV stars, Balmain Hair Couture and indeed its younger, product-based line embodies all the fashion house is known for.

Taking a unique approach to competitors, Balmain Hair Couture Care and Styling are consolidated concepts driven by the idea of unlimited styling. Each Care and Styling category is small, simple and very smart. Hinged on the value of Balmain Signature Cocktails, with Balmain Hair Couture stylists are able to walk this season’s leading runway hair from backstage to on-set and, finally, as an adaptation for the salon floor. Engineered to perfection, the 29, fashion-formulated products are designed for precision and individualised perfection. A perfect antidote for the small Australian salon tired of over-complicated retail offerings, rather, a fresh, fashion focused point of difference designed to make the professional look good and the client feel even better.

From the Mositurizing to Revitalizing care lines and throughout each of the 19 Styling Couture essentials, each product is marked by one, signature Balmain Hair Couture fragrance – a unique blend of key notes including star anise, tarragon, pinewood, peach blossom, raspberry, vanilla and white musk (to name but a few) ensuring a harmonious and uplifting experience appealing to all. But it’s the silk and Argan Elixr that promises true magic.

“A lot of product companies have just saturated the market with a million different things, so the cleanliness and simplicity of Balmain Hair Couture is going to be really attractive to the Australian market,” begins Travis.

“Secondly, there are silk proteins in these products and they represent 17 of the 19 amino acids that are usually found in hair, so they actually treat the hair which, in a market driven by colour and heat styling not to mention the harsh Australian environment, is ultimate. It’s like having a treatment no matter what product you’re using,” he says.

“Our team is very excited to drive awareness, learning and engagement with both trade and consumers alike. Perhaps most exciting for the creative is the chance to build an extended Australian and NZ Balmain Paris Hair Couture team of brand ambassadors and educators – a set of professionals ready to create, educate and elevate the industry across all levels and regions” says Travis.

Travis will work with Product Manager of Balmain Paris Hair Couture ANZ, Jessica Nimmo in the essential storytelling and educational rollout of the brand in ANZ.

“It has been an amazing journey thus far launching Balmain Hair Couture to the Australia and New Zealand hair industry and now with the introduction of Travis to the team it will bring us to the next level,” says Jessica.

“Having worked with Travis over the past two years under our other brands, I am excited to be working alongside him with Balmain Hair Couture – rolling out our education platform for salons and brand ambassadors.”

The future is indeed bright for Australian hairdressing.

Balmain Hair Couture is now available throughout Australia and is looking ahead to a dynamic, career boosting education calendar for 2018. To enquire about the professional product range and affiliated opportunities, contact Professional Use on (02) 9813 3080.

Image credit: Balmain Paris Hair Couture, Hair by Balmain Hair Creative Director Nabil Harlow Photography by Jean-Baptiste Mondino Make-up by Lauren Parsons @ Art Partner Production by Victoria Pavon,