Exciting news beauty lovers: cult hair brand R+Co is adding a selection of limited edition, backstage beauty staples to its extensive product portfolio.

Fashion week has long since been the birthplace of iconic and industry-leading moments in fashion and beauty. Inspiration and innovation are rife backstage, where hair and makeup artist wave their wands taming unruly hairs on the fly and concocting a myriad of tricks to execute looks under the gun. 

Noting this, hair care brand and industry disrupter R+Co has created a line based off the artists’ kit and techniques found on sets and backstage. Pushing its own boundaries, R+Co takes a swing at the beauty market: with a trio of innovative products launching this June.    

The collection – co-founded by leading industry hairstylist Garren, groomer Thom Priano and co-creative director Howard McLaren – consists of a trio of gel based products; Art School Root Touch-Up Gel, Magic Wand Brow Gel and Dark Waves Fragrance Gel.

Garren, Priano and McLaren (read our recent interview with the co-creative director here) each played an integral role in the development of the collection, using their experiences on editorial sets and backstage at fashion shows to inspire the products they wish they had had.

The mastermind behind Art School, Garren conceptualised the root touch-up gel out of necessity, with the hope of simplifying transitions on shoots and backstage. The lightweight and transparent hair gel has encapsulated pigments that disperse when rubbed between fingers and applied. Available in two shades (black and light brown) it is the perfect solution for between colour appointments, for quickly changing the colour of a dye-job, or even for adding shape and texture to wigs. 

The Magic Wand was specifically made to manage eyebrows. Wanting a simpler and more compact product that could be added to any kit, Thom created the gel and brush for a smoother and more defined brow, void of residue and tackiness.

The Dark Waves Fragrance was conceptualised by Howard after overhearing time and again how delicious the R+Co products smelt, from models backstage who would apply them as perfume. Conjuring up romantic summers nights this long-lasting fragrance dissolves into the skin, leaving it hydrated and velvety soft.  

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