Introducing Pressplay; the on-the-go cosmetics system that easily fits your lifestyle.. and your handbag.

Brainchild of Kate Flammea (skin-clinic owner, cosmetologist and all round boss lady) the Pressplay capsule is efficient, stylish and superisingly affordable; saving you time, space and a whole lot of hassle.

A perfect solution for gals on the go, the Pressplay capsule boasts a sleek, glossy casing with luxe gold trimmings, two secret compartments and 27 custom product tubes; each of which may be interchanged depending on your preferences (or mood for that matter).

The epitome of functional luxury, each travel-ready accessory (think: foundation, highlighter, mascara, face cream, hand sanitiser and the like) is both compact and versatile; promising beautiful results each and every use.

We caught up with Kate Flammea to find out more about this nifty new beauty staple.

TJ: Tell us about the Pressplay capsule and cosmetic range.

KF: In one smartphone-sized capsule, you can store all of your essential beauty products for on-the-go application anytime, anywhere. The user is able to customise their own suite of products, selecting from Pressplay’s versatile range, load them into the Pressplay Capsule and their tailored beauty solution is complete. The Pressplay Capsule is a custom engineered, portable storage solution that can hold seven individual products and mirror. Pressplay Cosmetics offers a range of over 30 high-performance cosmetics and skincare that are convenient to use and that deliver results. We believe in creating beauty that works for the wearer, not the other way around.

TJ: What inspired the first prototype? Did you notice a specific gap in the market?

KF: My morning are always so busy. I usually am getting my young son dressed for school, answering emails and trying to get myself presentable for the day. My beauty routine was always left to last minute. One day I stopped and thought “Why has no one come up with an easy way for me to apply makeup on the go?”. I took this idea and ran with it. I found that there was a gap in the market and that I was not the only women that was frustrated with this daily experience. I decided to be the person to provide a solution.

TJ: How long did it take for your idea to come into fruition?

KF: I spent over two years tirelessly re-designing and testing. My husband and I travelled all over the world to source only the finest quality ingredients and manufacturers. The Pressplay Capsule is an innovative concept, therefore all products were custom made so that our customers are able to have an entire makeup kit in the palm of the hand. I was told that this is impossible to do – I did it and I am so proud of all the work that has gone into the Pressplay Capsule and product range. We have not finished though, we are already working away at a Capsule 2.0 and new products.

TJ: What beauty trends are you loving for winter?

KF: I am not really one to follow beauty trends. My beauty inspiration comes from everything and anything. Even if something is not necessarily on trend but makes me happy, then I will wear it proudly.

TJ: Any advice for transitioning your makeup from day to night?

KF: Adding a dark colour lip product will make all the difference. Something like our Francesco Face Paint which is a fiery red or Giorgio, our plum matte shade Face Paint. Setting Powder and Bronzer can also completely change up your look into a night time glam.

TJ: Who is the ultimate Pressplay muse?

KF: The ultimate muse would have to be the on-the-go modern woman. She is powerful, she is strong and she is confident!

TJ: What are your can’t-live-without make up bag essentials?

KF: You will always find that I carry a lip product, a concealer and mascara in my Pressplay Capsule. It’s the ultimate back up plan for those days when you need to rush out of the house and get ready when you have time later on.

TJ: Any new additions to the range that we should keep an eye out for?

KF: We believe in always bringing new and innovative concepts to fruition. We are currently working on Fragrances and Metallic Eyeshadows. Another exciting project that is underway are custom pre-filled Pressplay Capsules for different types of women and their beauty needs.

TJ: How can we keep up to date with all things Pressplay/purchase our own products?

KF: Visit our Instagram Page to keep up with us: @pressplaycosmetics. To join us on our beauty revolution and create your own Pressplay Capsule, visit

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