Champions of honest beauty DECIEM are leading a global crusade against hyper-consumerism, closing shop for a moment of nothingness on Friday 29th November.

Titled BLACK(OUT) FRIDAY, the trading pause was devised to counter mass Black Friday discount activations (…and the hysteria that accompanies them), encouraging consumers to ‘shop slowly’ and thoughtfully – rather than reactively.

A concept the brand understands all too well.

Having partaken in previous Black Friday promotions over the past few years (many of which saw entire product units exhausted within hours of discount commencement) DECIEM has taken a stand against such adverse ‘environment(s) of hype, rush and panic buying’.

“We strongly believe that skincare decisions should be based on education rather than impulse, and we want to give our audience the time for research, reflection and consideration,” the brand shared last Friday. “Black Friday is no longer a consumer or earth-friendly event, [so] DECIEM has found an alternative way to bring savings to its audience.”

That alternative way?

For the entire month of November (excluding Friday 29th, of course), all products in the DECIEM portfolio will retail at a (rare!) 23% discount, affording consumers the flexibility to shop void of time pressure; thereby allowing them to purchase in accordance with their respective needs and concerns.

“Encouraging rushed purchasing decisions is not a position we align with,” shared a DECIEM representative, “We hope that by offering a longer-term discount, we are creating a more comfortable and fair position for our audience.”

With the discount now available via DECIEM’s website and in stand-alone stores globally, shoppers can also receive detailed regimen building advice and product intel both in-store and through the brand’s live chat portal.

In a world ruled by unpredictability, DECIEM lives up to its name as the Abnormal Beauty Company.

May we all follow.