A huge congratulations to Aussie brand Base Hair Extensions, who have celebrated their second birthday this past week – with the brand’s journey over the past 24 months nothing short of remarkable. 

In celebration of the brand entering the terrific two’s (that’s right, we’re rebranding!) here we looka t some of their largest achievements in the past two years:

  • Olivia Pierson, known as Kim Kardashian’s best friend, made a statement at the Oscars 2022 by wearing Base Hair Extensions.
  • Samara Weaving, the talented actress, adorned Base Hair Extensions at the Sydney Premiere of the Babylon Movie.
  • Base Hair Extensions have gained popularity, with over 100 stockists in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The brand has plans to expand its presence in the US market, starting from January 2024, following its participation in Cosmoprof Miami.
  • Base Hair Extensions has built a strong online presence, with an audience of over 70,000 across various social media platforms.
  • The brand has established partnerships with numerous celebrities and influencers, including Tammy and Emilee Hembrow, Roxy Jacenko, The Veronicas, Janelle Han, Anna Henirich, Skye Wheatley, Lily Brown, Christina Sikalias, and Jessica Brody, among others.
  • Renowned celebrity and industry-leading hair stylists, such as Shannon Williams, Jason Alarcon, Domenic Pelli, Andi Asmaro, and Kristina Youssef, have given their endorsement to Base Hair Extensions.

Base Hair Extensions has gained recognition for its use of 100% Russian single donor human hair, which is known for its superior quality. The extensions are double drawn, ensuring thickness from root to end, providing customers with natural-looking, voluminous hair that lasts long. Stephanie Romano, the beauty entrepreneur behind Base Hair Extensions, created the brand with a vision to challenge the stigma surrounding extensions. Romano takes pride in offering the highest quality Russian permanent extensions that blend seamlessly and can endure for more than 12 months.

Ethical sourcing is a priority for Base Hair Extensions, as the hair is ethically sourced from single donors. Additionally, the brand is not just redefining extensions for length but also offering solutions for chemical-free color, volume, and styling. Base Hair Extensions caters to women experiencing postpartum hair loss or dealing with areas of thinning hair due to damage or medical conditions. Affordable, at-home solutions are provided to empower women in their hair journeys.

With availability in over 100 businesses worldwide and growing, Base Hair Extensions continues to make waves in the industry.

A massive TJ happy birthday Base Hair Extensions! Follow them, here.