During Earth Month, beginning today, AvedaTM The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences is inviting its guests to shine a light for a brighter future for children around the world. While lighting a candle may seem like a simple gesture, it will do far more than just set a mood or scent a room; it will help change lives.

As part of their Earth Month efforts, Aveda Australia is donating 100% of the purchase price (based on its RRP $15) of their signature limited-edition Light the WayTM Candles to WaterAid Australia, a non-profit organisation that transforms communities by improving access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation. Internationally, Aveda is also working with Global Greengrants, their global Earth Month partner for more than eight years.

Last year, Aveda reached its global goal and raised $6 million for clean water for our nearest neighbour, Timor-Leste. With the help of WaterAid Australia, the lives of men, women and children living in rural Timor-Leste have been transformed with access to safe water and sanitation for the first time. Earth Month donations have positively impacted the district of Liquica and have ensured villagers no longer have to drink contaminated water and have access to private toilet facilities. In 2014, Earth Month funds built:

  • A toilet for every household
  • ‘Tippy taps’ – innovative hand washing facilities
  • 2 reservoir water tanks
  • 13 public tap stands
  • 3.7km of pipe 

WaterAid Australia also helped to establish a community-elected Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Management Group that will oversee ongoing maintenance for tap stands and piping to ensure a sustainable water supply system. In 2015, Aveda Australia Earth Month donations will continue to support important WaterAid initiatives all over the world, such as Luquica.

Help support clean water projects around the world by purchasing an Aveda Light the WayTM Candle this Earth Month. They are available from Aveda Experience Centre retail stores, Aveda salons and spas, online at aveda.com.au or you can call 1800 706 377 for stockists and more information.