Aveda Congress 2015 Presents Innovation, Artistry and Passion

Vibrant colour, striking and innovative cuts and inspirational hair styling took over the weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. as AvedaTM The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences held Aveda Congress 2015: Spirit. The global event, which trended on Instagram, featured more than 20 teams of Aveda Artists from seven countries, including U.S., Japan, the United Kingdom, France and Canada, presenting their inventive programs at the Minneapolis Convention Center. In attendance, more than 3,500 Aveda professionals from 17 countries around the world joined together to celebrate art, hairdressing and education.

The three-day event included on-stage performances, workshops with Aveda Global Artistic Directors and Educators, and the much-anticipated evening performance “Symphony of the Senses” created and presented by Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders.

The 2015 show marked the first Aveda Congress since the passing of Aveda Founder Horst Rechelbacher in 2014, and to honor him and those that followed in his footsteps, the 17th Aveda Congress was named “Spirit.”

“This Congress celebrates the spirit of Horst who brought us all together. We named it spirit to honour you, the spirit of Aveda,” said Aveda Global President Dominique Conseil during the opening ceremony. “Recall the loving passion which led you to beauty school and with which you completed your first successful haircut. Connecting with our inner fire is spirit.”

Art emerged in an immersive celebration of the five natural elements —Water, Earth, Infinity, Air and Fire— in the evening performance “Symphony of the Senses” that concluded the first day of Congress. With Ayurveda grounded in the idea that the spirit of natural elements is found in all living things, Beenders presented beauty, theatrics and inspirational hair techniques in five element-themed sections. The awe-inspiring spectacle featured more than 30 models and performers that fused the elements together with hair and fashion for a total immersive celebration.

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– TJ