We want colouring to be a pleasurable experience.


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In town for one week only, we caught up with charismatic French hair artisan Christophe Robin to learn more about his new range of Temporary Color Gels.

Available in four colour blending shades (Golden Blonde, Dark Blonde, Light Chestnut and Dark Chestnut) the gels boast a 92-98% natural, ammonia-free composition that won’t irritate skin or compromise the hair’s integrity. The perfect solution for temporary grey coverage, each Temporary Color Gel grants even, natural-looking colour that’s high-shine, easy to apply and washes out after five to seven washes.

Take it away Christophe.

TJ: In the past, you’ve expressed your desire to add colour to your product portfolio; what was the ultimate, deciding factor in creating this range?

CR: I’ve been in the hair colour industry for over 30 years and as a colourist, I really wanted to make sure I was 100% happy with the product I was about to launch. Seeing so many women in my salon, and also at home, struggle with scalp discomfort and unpleasant smells – the whole colouring experience needed to be improved; hence the idea of developing a clean hair colour that would respect the hair and scalp.

TJ: Who is the target client/consumer?

CR: This product is really for those who wish to keep both their natural hair colour with a product that won’t damage or change their texture; we want colouring to be a pleasurable experience. There will always be clients who wish to bleach their hair (or colour their hair pink), but there are others who want something more natural – we need to have answers for every kind of need. I’ve found my target audience.

TJ: So much work goes into the creation of your products and you’re quite hands on with the research and development; at what point do you know when a product is ready for market?

CR: It took us 5 years to develop the Temporary Color Gels. We worked relentlessly to make sure that our shades looked and felt as natural as possible and that our formulas would respect the scalp and hair. The pigments had to grab onto the hair and wash out evenly! I prefer to spend time developing the perfect product rather than rushing things. [After developing the product], we then tested it with wonderful women to see if they liked it (and find out what they liked most about it); once the results came back, we knew we were ready!

TJ: Where are your products developed?

CR: The products are developed in a specialised lab in Parma, Italy. It’s a lab that [usually] takes care of skincare which is very important to us, as we are just as concerned with scalp health as we are with healthy hair. Our formulators test the results instantly, they don’t just [monitor] long term results. For example, hair elasticity is tested immediately, not after several applications of the product. I was truly lucky to have discovered this [team of formulators]. There’s not a lot of people who operate in this way; we’re like family.

TJ: You’re evidently a big advocate for scalp health; what advice do you have for clients looking to ‘retrain’ their scalp balance after excess product usage?

CR: Once a week, start fresh with a deeply cleansing scalp scrub like my Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt to reset your scalp and remove all the residue and product build up. These really have a tendency to suffocate the scalp and make it oilier in the long term, so it’s incredibly important to treat your scalp. It’s the root to healthy hair.

TJ: You’ve mentioned your ultimate beauty aesthetic is Parisienne; what is your take on the Australian beauty?

CR: They are actually a bit similar, in the sense that they both like low-maintenance beauty. The Australian [way] is more athletic though; the lifestyle impacts the way they look at hair and beauty overall – it’s definitely a more laidback style but still with a strong emphasis on care and sun protection!

TJ: Fashions fade… but style is eternal. Who are some of your ultimate beauty muses?

CR: The list would be too long, but I have always been incredibly inspired by nature, and finding ways to enhance women’s beauty through shades and contrasts.

TJ: What’s next for Christophe Robin?

CR: We never know, but a lot of exciting things that’s for sure. Stay tuned!

Christophe Robin is available at Sephora and selected salons nationally (The Cutters Lounge Victoria, Edwards and Co, Crown Hair, QUE Colour). For more information, visit: