It’s sometimes not an easy path, but it’s intrinsic for us as a society to nurture the creative talent that grows inside it.

Amy Finlayson

12 of Australia’s most beautiful women captured for one, classic curator of time. Welcome the Calendar Girls by Amy Finlayson. A moving project captured around the globe and with all proceeds donated to the National Heart Foundation.

We chat with the model slash founder of the Fin Collection on this heartfelt collaboration.

TJ: What inspired the 2018 Calendar Girls concept? What shaped the creative direction?

AF: 2018 Calendar Girls was inspired by the memory of the late Richard Nicoll. We started this project together before his untimely passing in 2016 and were able to see it through with the help of an amazing team of creatives. It was truly a collaborative effort. Originally we wanted to recreate an Australian version of the Pierlli Calendar. However, with the girls located across the globe, we decided to go with a simpler and more classic direction with Bart Celestino capturing 12 incredible black and white portraits. None of this would have been possible without sponsorship from AMP and Woolmark.

TJ: So many beautiful women in the world. How did you select your 12 Calendar Girls?

AF: It was a difficult process, with so much Aussie talent in such high demand and scattered across the globe. Richard and I started the casting off, and Alison Veness and Rebecca Khory from 10 Magazine were amazing in helping complete it. We wanted a broad spectrum of girls and also wanted to celebrate the girls that started their careers when Richard and I started ours. I think we ended up with a beautiful cross section.

TJ: Why is it important, for you, to showcase young Australian talent?

AF: I think it is important for young creatives to feel that they are supported in their ventures. It’s sometimes not an easy path, but it’s intrinsic for us as a society to nurture the creative talent that grows inside it.

TJ: How did you arrive at Bartolomeo Celestino as the perfect photographer for the project?

AF: Bart was a friend of Richard’s, a friend of mine from my days at Olsen gallery, and a friend of 10 Magazine. He is also insanely creative. It was a no brainer to keep it in the family.

TJ: At your BBPB launch, there were repurposed, artistic versions of the girls’ images, including an edit by Lister. How and why did you select the artists’ you collaborated with on this?

AF: I wanted to see how other people perceived this project. Once again, a cross section of talent was necessary. From sculptor (Dion Horstmans) to street artist (Lister), to a young female painter (Lucy Zaroyko) and collage artist (Dina Boradhurst). Each artist brought their own story to the calendar, which was a celebration of beauty, life and creativity – exactly what we set out to achieve.

 TJ: How has the project been received?

AF: Beautifully! We have sold a huge number of calendars, with all proceeds going to the National Heart Foundation. There are still a few left, which you can purchase online and at selected venues across Sydney.

TJ: Your creative pursuit, The Fin Collection, takes a multidisciplinary approach to creativity. What draws you to mixed media?  

AF: My personal art has a strong fashion background courtesy of my career as a model – a time of which has a strong influence on how I see the world. In regards to my website, I think as many forms of creativity should be celebrated as possible. Art and creativity exist across a multitude of expressions and vocations and I am building a platform to celebrate this.

TJ: What’s next for you, and for The Fin Collection – any upcoming collaborations/exhibitions?

AF: I have a shoot coming out with the lovely Tim Swallow very soon, and am producing an exhibition for Jess Bush (OneJessa) in March. I also have a collaborative show with Georges Antoni coming out in a few months … all amongst other amazing projects. It’s going to be a busy year!

Purchase your Calendar Girls here.