Led by THE JOURNAL’s running theme for 2023, UTOPIA, this years’ AHFA x Dyson runway show sent 18 models into an imaginary world where humanity moves freely from land to the deepest sea, and history’s infamous deities roam in peace. 

The brief sent the minds of Dyson Ambassador’s, Renya Xydis, Michael Beel and Damien Rinaldo down a rabbit hole and out again with some of their most brilliant ideas to date. The artistry was truly off tap, with hair pieces and applications never seen before – a level of precision and inventiveness none less than remarkable. 

“ I got the brief of Deities,” says Michael backstage. “So it was all about ethereal beings, and referencing gods across different ages. What I wanted to do was really focus on and make sure that even the person at the back of the room can see the contrast and the drama.

“When it’s a hair show – it’s go big, or go home.”

Damien leant into the drama for his interpretation of the Underworld. “The theme of underworld for the Dyson hair show this year is fantastic, as it really does suit my aesthetic. We’ve gone really grungy but glam at the same time – contrasting blondes and darks, and utilising a heap of jewels for that added dramatic effect.”

Renya – tasked with creating two models for each of the Deities and Underworld concepts that came together for the ENTER UTOPIA runway show – utilised upcycled pieces of her 2022 Australian Hairdresser of the Year winning collection to add a touch of the unpredictable to her looks. “I’m always striving to be constantly unpredictable,” she said as she was prepping her models. “You’ll never know what you’re going to get from me, creatively, and I always want to keep people guessing what they’re going to see from me next.” 

Craving more of the creativity that was the 2023 Dyson Runway show, held as the opening spectacle of the Australian Hair Fashion Awards?

Here, we round up some of our favourite backstage moments, made possible using Dyson’s incredible line up of hair styling tools.

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