AHC Youthworx Hair Partners for Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo Catwalk!

The AHC Youthworx crew came out to work (and play) at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo on the weekend, as the official hair partner for the catwalk shows.

Lead by Hair Director, Maria Unali, the team – including Nadia Semanic, Hannah Esco, Leslie Henshaw, Shaleena Winter, Bekk Ngatoko, Missy Veyret, Clare McCulloch, Tahlia Plucke, Ella Dillon, Tahyah Pickavance and Makayla Fraser executed looks to complement the themes of Leather Rebel, The Bold & The Beautiful, and Some Enchanted Evening.

“For Leather Rebel I chose a Kate Moss inspired wave to add texture and shape; flat at the roots with width at the mid-section. Like an elongated diamond shape,” says Maria.

The Bold and the Beautiful was a really polished and beautiful brushed out wave inspired by ultimate Hollywood hair, and for Some Enchanted Evening I was inspired by a glamorous evening out! I wanted to create something elegant with a modern, dusty texture. A simple yet effective look that can be easily recreated at home.”

Here Maria gives a detailed run down of the 3 themed looks:

Leather rebel

1. Layer in a volumizing product into dry hair followed by a generous blast of texture spray.

2. Firstly, take an inch section around the front hairline and blow-dry with a large round brush completely forward, over-directed onto the face, so the hair is sitting completely flat and shaping the face.

3. Blow-dry the rest of the hair completely dry ready to tong. If the hair is not 100% dry the hair will blister – this is a no-go zone!

4. Grab a medium size tong (about 24mm) and randomly starting at the front wrap twisted sections around the hot tong, leaving out the ends to elongate the style and give edginess.

5. Do this repeatedly around the head with random size sections.

6. After leaving the hair to cool, tilt the head completely forward and shake out the hair, raking fingers through to create body and texture.

7. Flip hair back and spray a little more texture spray in lightly and leave to settle.

8. Finish the style by molding the hair around the hairline and flattening to shape the face. Lastly, mist over a flexible hold hair spray for a moveable style with shine!

Hair by Youthworx @ Syd Beauty Expo 2

The Bold and the Beautiful

1. Layer in a volumizing product into dry hair followed by a generous blast of texture spray.

2. Blow dry hair section by section with a large round brush until super smooth.

3. Depending on the placement of the part, section from one side of the recession area to the opposite side of the nape in a slightly rounded shape to give softness to the part. In this case, the hair is parted on the left hand side.

4. The section on the left is blow dried back flat against the scalp and fastened at the opposite side of the nape with a few pins.

5. With the section on the right, using a medium tong- curl the hair in diagonal horizontal sections, curling away from the face. Pin up and leave to cool.

6. After cooling, remove pins and brush hair out and style. Finish with a spritz of shine gloss, followed by a light mist of hairspray with flexible hold.

Some Enchanted Evening

1. Layer in a texture spray and dry completely into the hair.

2. Work the hair into a high ponytail on top of the head by raking with fingers and creating texture in the base and secure with hat elastic.

3. Divide the ponytail in two sections, front and back. Backcomb the back section lightly and pin at the base of the ponytail to create padding.

4. Lightly backcomb the front section and shape around the padding and continue to pin as you go while molding the bun in place.

5. Don’t smooth the bun too much; you want this messy texture for a more modern take on the style.

6. Around the hairline and back of the head move the palm of your hand flat to the scalp in a circular motion to create friction and lift the hair to give a fluffy, messy texture.

7. Lastly, from a distance lightly spray with dray shampoo for a dry dusty finish and then finish with mist of a flexible hold hairspray.

The hard work was rewarded with a Youthworx table at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards on the Monday night! Special thanks goes to Brett Stafford and Leesa Smith for coordinating and mentoring over the two days!

For more information on the AHC please visit www.salonselect.com.au

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