KÉRASTASE welcome fresh-faced ambassador, supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski.

The professional powerhouse the world’s greatest beauty assets want in-on. From Kate Moss to Australia’s leading art and beauty muses (and a posse of supermodels in-between), the technologically advanced good hair day enabler, KÉRASTASE is a hero go-to for year-round goddess appeal.

Did someone say goddess? We’re excited to announce that actress, model and avid bookworm, Emily Ratajkowski is the latest beauty-meets-brains to step up as the face of KÉRASTASE. A perfect pairing and one earmarked to further inspire the Queen’s 16 million-plus Instagram followers and continued fan base across the globe.

“At KÉRASTASE, we believe that a woman’s hair is essential to her femininity. Emily shares that belief. She embodies a modern, multi-faceted and confident vision of beauty. I am thrilled to welcome her to the KÉRASTASE family,” says Rosa Carrico, KÉRASTASE Global President.


So much more than an otherworldly gene pool, Emily’s undeniable charisma has moved her effortlessly between the worlds of art, fashion, music and cinema with the show stopper starring in hit thriller Gone Girl and of course, as an angel for Victoria’s Secret. Emily more recently rolled around in a table of spaghetti for leading fashion title, LOVE and is soon to appear in (film) Cruise In Darkness and Welcome Home.

Despite all this, the latest KÉRASTASE recruit likes your usual, girl next-door activities including chess, good food and listening to music … and of course, beautiful hair.

“I am excited and proud to be chosen as an KÉRASTASE ambassador,” Emily begins.

“Hair is essential to how I express myself. I love that feeling of clean, textured, natural hair that instantly makes me feel more confident. I consider my hair as the reflection of my inner strength. It’s not an ornament but a way to express myself. I think that’s true for all women.”

“There’s such an empowering femininity to hair. It allows women to define who they want to be. That’s why they deserve the best care,” she says.

The KÉRASTASE sentiment exactly – personalized, luxury haircare designed to empower and ignite every woman’s inner strength, dreams and capabilities.

Campaign photography by Inez and Vinoodh.




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