Sun is shining, weather is sweet… which calls for a set of sweet new ‘dos. We’re throwing it back to these fresh summer looks by Anthony Nader and the Revlon Professional team for this year’s Iconic Swim Show.

On the eve of Summer’s onset, celebs, influencers and style makers alike flocked to Sydney’s dazzling Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair for the annual Iconic Swim Show. Atop Sydney’s first ever floating runway, 120+ of this season’s hottest swim and summer looks were repped by a diverse cast of male and female it-models.

Renowned hairstylist and RAW founder Anthony Nader was the man tasked with styling models’ manes (and fro’s respectively), creating a series of summer ready hair looks to complement the show’s brand-strong lineup:


Step One: On damp hair, saturate strands with Revlon Professional Style Masters Photo Finisher Styling Mousse 3 from roots to ends.
Step Two: Starting at the nape of the neck, take fine sections of hair and brush with an extra-large cushion bristle brush. You need the overall look to appear tight-to-the-head and slick.

Step Three: With the nozzle attached, blow dry the hair. Mould the hair flat when blow drying, and away from the face. This will create a clean silhouette. This also gives your slick hair more lasting power and fights frizz.
Step Four: Brush your hair into the final shape smooth and give the surface of the hair a spray with Revlon Professional Style Masters Hairspray Modular 2.
Step Five: For extra sheen, give your hair a once over with Revlon Professional Style Masters Shine Spray Glamourama.


Step One: For more “amp” with this voluminous hair shape, apply the Revlon Professional Style Masters Volume Elevator Spray all over and spray the roots thoroughly. Distribute the product through to the mid lengths and comb through with a wide tooth comb.
Step Two: Starting at the nape of the beck, blow dry sections. To achieve maximum volume, use a medium round brush to get real lift.

Step Three: Make a side part, and create lift by blow drying while using your medium round brush. This will create the fun 80’s height.
Step Four: For extra volume don’t be afraid to backcomb (tease) the root area all over. Spray with Revlon Professional Style Masters Photo Finisher Hairspray 3 to give you that extra lasting lift.
Step Five: Smooth the backcombed sections into place. Carefully place the top area in a “curvy” voluminous finish.


Step One: Tackling this fun textured hair is a breeze because you work natural hair texture, rather than against it.
Step Two: Take thin sections and backcomb your strands (very liberally) to get that extra volume on the roots.

Step Three: Spray roots and even mid lengths with Revlon Professional Uniq One Dry Shampoo. Massage the product in thoroughly. This will give your hair more va-va-voom.




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