Enter Futurewise, Toni&Guy’s uber progressive (and totally future proof) 17/18 Collection Offering.

Drawing from the recently launched global collection, Hair Directors Katy Reeve (National Creative Director of Toni&Guy Australia + International Creative Director) and Jack Morton (National Technical Director for Toni&Guy Australia+ Toni&Guy Georges) fashioned a series aptly future-wise hair looks for this year’s Culture Shock 2.0.

With a focus on interlocking sections (a progression from last year’s triptych sectioning) and a colour palette akin to London’s prismatic underground, this year’s collection is part refined editorial, part high anti-fashion – with a dash of Toni&Guy attitude for good measure. We caught up with Katy and Jack for the inside scoop on Futurewise.

What was the inspiration behind ‘Futurewise’?

Katy Reeve: The inspiration is mainly influenced by understanding diverse cultural trends and embracing the “anti-concept” with high fashion to create something entirely new. The styling and “feeling” is heavily influenced by leading fashion house Gucci.

Jack Morton: The name derives from the idea of future proofing; creating a collection of techniques that can be adapted to meet any fad or pop up trend that develops during a rapidly evolving hair/ fashion world.  A major inspiration for the overall feel is the direction Alessandro Michelle has taken Gucci, the idea of mixing anti fashion, luxe and vintage for a very anti cloned feeling.

 Talk us through the looks.

KR: The styles this year look at the creation of focal points, and specific areas of detailing. We are seeing a lot of fringe details, and working with more of an editorial way of finishing hair. Mullets are strong this year, [we were] looking at ways to detail this trend in a more refined way.

 JM: The 70’s being incredibly relevant now due to the creative and sexual, genderless liberation we are seeing at the moment. What keeps these shapes looking modern and fresh is colour – ranging from muted pink and rose tones, to juxtaposed brights of yellow and blue together. Placement of colour is key, with the consumer being much more technique driven these days. Bold Art Deco inspired panels are worked in to emphasise graphic silhouettes, an evolution of ombré with irregular root lengths and heavy saturated pockets of colour. Yellows, blue and greens play a large part of the palette story.

How did you go about prepping each models’ hair?

KR: We had a full prep day at the academy, working through each technique as a team. We worked on detailing to the models features with the lengths & fringes. Using Label.m, we built on textures within the looks.

JM: From a colour perspective, a lot of the models were prepped with a global bleach application. This enables us to start with a fresh canvas and helps create a boldness and clarity of tone.

Were there any hero products used?

KR: Within each look there are different hero products, however, backstage favorite’s are Label.m Volume Mousse, Texturizing Volume Spray & Weightless Hairspray

Any advice for stylists looking to recreate these looks?

KR: Think of your sectioning patterns, the placement of your sections and how they will interlock to create the details. Play with different ways to style a look or come and join us on a creative course!

JM: Suitability is key; a cut and colour have to make someone look beautiful and be tailored to their face and lifestyle. These images are not created to be replicated, they’re created as a starting point and should be adapted per person.

What hair trends are you loving at present?

KR: Fringes! I would give everyone a fringe and my all-time fav is a mullet – love!

JM: I feel the mullet shape has been much more widely accepted now; the shape can be incredibly flattering, creating narrowness and length; helping elongate the face. The finish can also be adapted to suit the individual, ranging from graphic, to chic and textured, to something more grunge inspired. Colour wise, I’m loving the boldness of shades and placement that’s much more widely seen – from much more intense brighter shades to bolder paneling of hair. These looks really stand out against the influx of ‘the blend’ of pastels we’ve seen dominate the streets the last few years.

View the full FUTUREWISE collection here.



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