Not since Kate and Will tied the knot in 2011 has the world been so abuzz with royal fever. With news of her engagement to Prince Harry making the rounds, we thought we’d list the 10 things we love most about everyone’s favourite soon-to-be-sovereign Meghan Markle (..that is besides her enviable mane of hair).

She juggles professional commitments with Philanthropic and Humanitarian work.

2. and writes about it too…

Read her highly regarded ‘How to be Both’ piece here.

3. She has great penmanship, having even worked as a professional Calligrapher to support herself through college. Check out the startlet demonstrating her skills live with Larry King:

4. She practices Yoga… (is there anything she can’t do?)

5. She’s a self confessed foodie, and has instagram evidence to prove it…

6. She holds a Bachelors Degree in International Studies and Theatre and once interned for the US embassy in Buenos Aires. Beauty and Brains!

7. She’s a natural beauty, and has famously expressed her disdain for Photoshop.

8. She’s worldly and travels extensively. We’re pretty sure that passport came in handy during their courtship.

9. She plays one of the widely admired characters to have graced TV screens over the last few years. Who hasn’t contemplated the law biz after watching Rachel Zane in action?

10. She said yes before Harry had finished asking the question…

Images via: instagram/meghanmarkle

Cover image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

Words by Daniela Maroun